What To Bring To The Table

by | May 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Today is going to be a little short, but this post may ruffle some feathers. Don’t get me wrong, we love our clients input but there are times that the designer knows best.

Every web designer and graphic designer runs into this problem, probably more times than they want. Even everyday professionals such as doctors, lawyer, and yes even police officers get dealt with this almost always. So who is the expert here? Here is a list of what not to and also what to bring to the table. Happy reading. Watch the funny video below for a fun look at doing spec work for free. It’s a blast.

Things that we prefer you do not bring to the table;

  1. Your friend is a web designer and he/she thinks that….(so many different comments)
  2. The guy working part time in the pub said that SEO is dead…nope, his career is dead, that’s why he works part time in the pub
  3. My daughter designed this logo in word – can you do something with it?
  4. Why are you so expensive – you can build a website for free these days.
  5. I don’t understand why you charge for hosting, its all in the cloud isn’t it? Last time I looked, clouds were free
  6. etc, etc.

Things we do like you to bring to the table;

  1. A sense of humor.
  2. A desire to be better than anyone else in your genre.
  3. An acceptance that we are the web developer/marketing consultant/print manager – not you.
  4. Ready for action.
  5. Available throughout the project timeline.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. As long as you don’t expect us to work for free…..

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