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I Am Doing A New Thing!

Change is often hard because it comes in many different packages. It looks scary and sometimes just plain wrong. Friends and disciples thought the same when Jesus was whipped and nailed to the cross. What happened to the new kingdom Jesus was building? They left everything they knew for him. Now what were they supposed to do? 

Key Foundation Ministries

Key Foundation Ministries (KFM) is established on the understanding that the Apostle/Prophet relationship is the foundation Father established for the church.

ComicJon Trailer

Welcome to ComicJon! If you are looking for anything about Superheroes, whether it’s comic books, news, movies, TV show or the occasional rumors, ComicJon has got the fix for you!


Reset, clear, start over! Sometimes in our spiritual life, health, habits, finances and releationships, the only way to recover is a complete Reboot.

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