Tips On Making Your eCommerce Site Trustworthy

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You are all set. You have the merchandise and also have your eCommerce site that has a smooth and basic checkout process. The problem is normally that you don’t possess the type of conversion rate you want and shopping cart abandonment has turned into a major problem. How come that is happening? It’s possible that site visitors don’t like your website as they don’t trust you. Fear is among the notable factors why a huge number of people decide to abandon their shopping carts. The rising epidemic of malware, phishing scams and unsatisfactory customer service has made customers wary than ever before. This means it is essential for online stores to gain their trust. This is done how?

Here are a few of the things you are able to do if you want to learn how to build a trustworthy online store:

Give it that personal feel

People are not simply going to trust any website or pages. They trust people. Therefore, it’s important for you to make sure that your store site includes a human factor. You should present your potential} clients with names and faces and the ultimate way to go about that is with an About Us page on the site. Here, you provide details about the company in addition to a personal message from the firm’s President or Founder plus a photo. You can even have a Meet Our Team section.

Keep It Professional Looking

Even though you are giving it the personal touch doesn’t mean you compromise professionalism. Your online store will need a completely developed contact page, a FAQs section and a customer service section. All information should also be presented in a professional and elegant matter instead of coming off as stuffed. Your website should also have easy navigation and boast easily readable and clear font.

Show that others trust you

Whatever you say to the consumer to convince them you can be trusted, what others, specifically existing or previous customers, say will be 1000 times more beneficial and reliable. Hence, it is important to post customer testimonials and reviews on the online store. You should also have a News Update section where you post any clippings or discussions of your eCommerce website in publication, blogs or forums. This also can validate your online shop in the consumers eye.

Make sure your website has security

Today’s online users are pretty much tech savvy and understand that they look for the ‘https’ within their browser address bars and the padlock symbol, which let’s them know that the site is secure. That is of the most important thing for an online shop because people will be making payments on your site and they will by no means enter their personal information otherwise. You must obtain an SSL certificate to provide the consumers with a secure checkout option.

Also, you should offer a return policy to show your customers they can shop from your online store without any risks.

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